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Oct 15, 2016 News

Lima News: Latta reflects sensibilities of 5th District

The best thing you can say about an incumbent congressman is he represents his people well.

That’s clearly the case for Bob Latta, the Republican from Bowling Green who represents the 5th District, which includes Hancock, Hardin, Putnam and Van Wert counties locally, as well as a portion of Mercer County.


Sep 30, 2016 News

Findlay Courier: U.S. House Endorsement

Rep. Bob Latta, R-Bowling Green, is not flashy or fiery. You won’t see many Latta sound bites on Fox or CNN. He rarely draws front-page headlines.
More likely, you’ll find the Bluffton native working the Paulding County fair, touring a new business in Defiance, or attending a Republican Party gathering in Van Wert....

Feb 04, 2016 News

Join us at our Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner!

Congressman Bob Latta welcomes Congressman Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, as the featured speaker at his 2016 Lincoln-Reagan Day Dinner scheduled for Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 6:30 p.m. at Bowling Green State University’s Lenhart Grand Ballroom in Bowen-Thompson Student Union...

Nov 07, 2014 News

Thank You


My family and I cannot thank you enough for your support over the past few months. We couldn't have won this election without you. 

Your vote helped me send a powerful message to Washington that we're not backing down. I look forward to continuing to be a strong, conservative voice in the U.S House of...

Oct 31, 2014 News

Lima News: Give Latta Another Term in Congress

Bob Latta has a clear understanding of the issues that matter in the 5th District. That’s what makes him the obvious choice for voters for a fifth term.

The 5th District is a largely rural district, including Hardin, Putnam and Van Wert counties. Latta, a Republican from Bowling Green, might be one of the most...

Oct 30, 2014 News

Bob Latta Endorsed by The Blade and The Courier

We're proud to announce that Bob Latta has been endorsed by The Toledo Blade and The Findlay Courier.

In their endorsement, The Blade states "Mr. Latta appropriately represents the conservative views of the bulk of his constituency on fiscal, economic, and regulatory issues, as well as...