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What I learned from the State of the Union

Jan, 30 2014 News

What I learned from the State of the Union

Tuesday night, President Obama had the opportunity to humbly accept responsibility for the state of our union and provide a vision for how we can create jobs and get this economy back on track.

Instead, he re-ignited controversial fights. He's not interested in compromise, but in continuing to blame Republicans for not growing government.

It took him 45 minutes to even mention Obamacare. And when he did, he continued the myth that the GOP doesn’t have a plan to fix health care.

He said he supports an all of the above energy policy, but never mentioned the Keystone Pipeline.

He spent a lot of time talking about raising the minimum wage, but never discussed the crushing tax burden that is holding back small business owners from hiring new employees.

The President never once gave a plan to fix the national debt or government spending.

And worst of call, he said if Congress doesn't act, he would unilaterally use executive orders to go around the legislative process.

This didn't sound like a leader last night. This sounded like a spectator.